Monday, March 24, 2008

Tracing the footprints

The Birth :
It was one bright summer day of June 1975. A few enthusiastic youths of Kumbakonam thought of the plight of poor students who did not get through in their school final exams studies. Thus was born Gandhiadigal Narpanik Kazhagam.
A Peep into the Principles:
The idea was to provide free coaching to students who are unsuccessful in school final exams and who could not afford private coaching for their second attempt. The guiding principle is Economy should not be a stumbling block in Education .
Getting Ambitious:
The classes with 20 students and 5 teachers went so well that coaching for students unsuccessful in P.U.C. Exams was also started. As the whole team was fired by Gandhian Philosophy, Hindi was thought of as the thread that could tie the Nation together and thus Hindi classes went on stream. Kumbakonam with significant population of weavers needed a place where the unfortunate weavers who were forced to discontinue studies for economic reasons can continue them at their convenience. Adult education classes during the night were started in 1979 and the response was tremendous as numerous students got through in Eighth & Tenth standard public exams.
The Tenth Birthday :
In 1985 it was one of the proud moments. The institution completed 10 years of existence which was indeed a major milestone . It made it happen for an organization which drew its strength and faculty from bright students of Hindi classes who after completion try to repay the support to run all the programmes without hindrance free of cost.
Getting stronger :
In 1995 with all support of alumni, students & philanthropists, an own place to house Kazhagam was purchased. Also the organization became registered as per statutes.
An Appeal :
30 years of existence for a non profit organization involved in free education needs your complete support now. GNK aspires to extend it's existing building and it's area of activities. Come let’s participate in this noble cause. With your cooperation The light of literacy can shine even more brighter.

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